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In 2015, the Republican leadership of the Colorado State Senate and the Democrat leadership of the Colorado State House of Representatives sponsored legislation, SB15-213 (the Claire Davis School Safety Act) and SB15-214 (the Interim Committee on School Safety and Youth in Crisis), to address issues that have arisen in the aftermath of the December 2013 shooting at Arapahoe High School.

Two students died as a result of the shooting – 17-year-old Claire Davis passed away eight days after being shot by fellow Arapahoe senior Karl Pierson, who took his own life.

Michael and Desiree Davis, Claire’s parents, strongly supported both of these bills because they provide important tools and incentives to make schools safer for all Colorado children, as well as ensuring that meaningful improvements in how schools deal with troubled students will be implemented.

SB 15-213, the Claire Davis School Safety Act, and SB15–214, create a permanent legislative committee on school safety, have cleared the legislature and have been signed into law by the Governor. 

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